How have you been?

How have you been?

How are you? How have you been?

I have not been too active on my site, I felt it was not really useful. I have taken on myself a good share of the suggestions I posted over the last 2 years (not all, some I tried and did not like) but overall the response to the site was enthusiastic but still very minimal.

But I don’t want to give up. The latest report of the UN about the state of the planet left little to the imagination. I was conflicted about it, because we should of course know the true situation we find ourselves in, but I believe it is extremely dangerous to take away hope from (too many) people. Once hope is lost, our collective behavior will be very become extremely dangerous I a afraid.

I think it is very hard to keep hope with everything we see and hear. Sometimes I have very little left. But I am not ready to give up. I believe Hope can be something that one feels inside, a choice almost, independent from whatever happens in the world around us.

I have great examples of both my grandmothers who were WW2 survivors. I recently found out that one of them was a beacon of hope in her resistance group, she had an unwavering believe that good would prevail. The other one, was once asked in an interview that I attended what she would say to youth today after all that she had been through and she answered: “as long as there is life there is hope”

I also truly believe that there is a growing awareness in the public and that there are many options available to us as consumers to help the environment. As consumers we have a lot of power. and remember anything I can do, we can do better 🙂

So I want to show a few things again that I think can make us hopeful and empower us to make meaningful change.

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