Professor Snape has nothing on us

Professor Snape has nothing on us

I am no germophobe, but I like to clean with a bit of Bleech! My friend, who is a generation younger then me said once ” that is very much your generation:-) ” But, I am also learning more and more how we are (initially unknowingly!) exposed to MANY harmful chemicals in our life through the products we use on a daily basis. Cleaning products are a big part of that ( not the only one though, there is clothing, make up, house building …… SOOOO much!

In recent times there are also a LOT of companies who have taken it upon themselves to produce less harmful products. I am using some of them and I like them very much, but…

I have decided to share some of the cleaning potions that we can make ourselves, and commit on making them and see what I think and share later on. In a sense we are all going back to grandma’s time, these ingredients have been used for decades really.

When you now better you do better

Maya Angelou

This is an original sketch from JKR depicting professor Snape. Her sketches were released on Pottermore, her official website, and this picture was taken from Time Magazine that published them.

3 thoughts on “Professor Snape has nothing on us

  1. Dr. Holt,
    Thank you so much for posting on my Website and asking questions, starting a meaningful discussion.
    I am by no means an expert. but I think there is plenty evidence that many products have ingredients that are harmful for the environment or your ( or your pet’s ) health, but they clean fantastic.
    Chlorine is one of the first that comes to mind, parabenes and phosphates too. At work I had to clean some equipment that people breath in and I actually looked up what the EPA said about the ingredients and it was not pretty. cancer and birth defects were among the many possible risks…. ( these were commercial cleaning products) I forgot the name but I am happy to look it up when I am at work. I asked it the products could be replaced or eliminated but that was against protocol. ” just use them in a good ventilated room” ( Our building has no windows that can open)
    one can also easily find information about toxic products on line
    the recurrent theme is that it is very possible to clean your home with the same products our grand ( or great 🙂 grand parents used: vinigar, bakingsoda waterperoxide, and others.
    Finally: homeopathy falls certainly an ” alternative” or “complementary” treatment category.
    But the are trying……
    thank you again for your comment! It is greatly appreciated.
    Disclaimer, this is not a scientific approach. I have not done a complete review of all available literature.

  2. The important question is whether people are harmed by using conventional cleaning materials and I can’t find any evidence to support that and I suppose you can’t either. You must be the last person to think homeopathy is effective! There are a lot of poorly executed trials on homeopathy and I see that Rizwan Ahmad has included some of these in his study. There are a number of highly regarded research institutions that have studied the effectiveness of homeopathy and they all agree that it doesn’t work. You might start by looking at the NHS website but there are other sources I could let you have.

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