A wonderful Dutch Website

A wonderful Dutch Website

For a while now I have been following this website on instagram and wondered why it does not present itself in English as well. Maybe because it focusses mostly on Dutch grassroots initiatives…. But nonetheless I would love to make it accessible to english speaking people as well.

The name is in English no less….

Anyway, please enjoy these amazing initiatives that through this website gets exposed to a wider audience and thus a larger effect… Remember, anything I can do we can do better :-). Maybe you can translate somehow, or just looking at the pictures/movies you can figure out a lot too.

these initiatives also fit right into a lot what was discussed in the course I did about climate change and what can be done on individual/communal/ national/political level. Taking small actions can have a big impact, being an example makes other people follow, being creative and thinking out of the box, and coming up with solutions from the community it self, using assets that are already there, rather then being told from “above” what has to done in your community. Just to name a few.

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