Apps revisited

Apps revisited

a few ecofriendly apps that “just” showed up on my phone…..

OffCents ( offset your Co2, earn rewards).

Ecosia Plant trees with your searches: Yes this sounded too good to be true so I checked it out on line and it appeared to be legit: they are a search engine that uses 80% of their profits to support organizations that plant trees. I downloaded it. It uses a feedback system to show how many trees are planted and how many you have planted.

Update 2020: I have been using this search engine regularly. It is not as good as google, but if you can plant trees with just clicking on your computer, I do not complain.

PaperKarma Stop Junk Mail! If this works I will do a happy dance, I have been so frustrated with all this junk mail! I downloaded it, and will update.

update 2020: not sure yet if it works, so far junk mail continues to appear but it does seem to decline….

LiveGreen Daily Carbon Tracker feedback, information and ideas to become carbon neutral. Sounded good and helpful to me initially. It turns out though you have to sign up for a plan to pay for money that they use to plant trees, and it requires a detailed log in of your daily activities. It will give a lot of information, but it will also take a lot of time and money .

EcoCRED Do your part another app that has the same message as I feel so strongly about, we all have a personal responsibility and there is power in numbers. So far it looks like this one does not ask you to pay them….

If more show up I will let you know

Credit: Dimitar Atanasov Karanikolov via Storyful

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