Don’t throw it away:-)

Don’t throw it away:-)

I never felt good about throwing egg shells away, it always felt there were other options. Other then the cute candle or garden I thought this was a great option, it appeared in my mailbox yesterday. ( I bought a book about edible plants in the yard and beyond, very interesting, not sure how brave I am but that just shows how much of a city girl I really am. These mails are from the author)

and then I thought: why not look up those candles and little gardens anyway?

So here are a few other ideas

Disclaimer: After I posted about the Orange Peels, I started to take on some of the ideas. Some work better then others, Some I like more than others. I do not recommend any particular idea more or less in these posts. My Goal is to share information and hopefully build a community that shares with me their ideas, information and experience. I certainly have some plans for my eggshells for the coming days

Stay Healthy, stay safe, stay connected

Source: Wikipedia : Pysanka

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