Getting Back Into The Groove

Getting Back Into The Groove

Happy New Year to all. I have taken a little break over the Holidays but intend to be back in the new year and I already have lots of ideas. I am being swept back and forth between hope and despair regarding our Mother Earth (she is really our mother as in that she provides all for us and without her there would be no life, and if we kill her……) As there are many devastating events going on in nature as well as in politics. But I also see signs of hope everywhere: an ever increasing awareness, many businesses that see sustainability as their model and technology working hard to undo the damage that we have done already as well as preventing future damage. And I got paper straws in my smoothy at Schiphol Airport 🙂 It will be an uphill battle for sure, something that is really quite baffling if you think about it….. Why is it soooo hard to safe our environment! you would think that is for everyones benefit????? I have made a conscious choice to stay and remain optimistic and active.

So for my first post I would like to make you aware of the following series I found on Netflix

Apart from being stunning to watch, it shows well our human impact on our environment without being utterly hopeless, on the contrary. It also has a website where you can become active in helping to save the earth.

So I thought that would be a good way to start the new year.

Finally, on my birthday I asked to share my post, and the traffic went up 10 fold in one day!! This shows that I cannot do this alone, there is really power in numbers. It really makes no difference in the big picture if I eat less meat or reuse all my card board boxes, but if we share and all do something….. well you get the picture. Lets give it a try and please share when you feel it is worth it.

Thank you for your interest,


The abundance of Mother Earth 🙂

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