I am truly sensing a shift…

I am truly sensing a shift…

The Corona virus has turned all our lives upside down. There is understandable much less interest in other things although there is LOTS of other news still going on. I will of course also put my posts on a lower frequency as this is not our highest priority right now. But this still caught my attention and I find worth sharing. I cannot believe that such a short time makes such a big difference possible.

I see a lot of fantastic community coming together, out of the box thinking to continue businesses and support for people that are in danger of losing their income. Don’t get me wrong. This is not something I wished on anyone. People are dying (alone!) and the situation is DIRE. But it really does seem to me that there are a LOT of lessons to be learned from this, if we are open to it.

Stay healthy, stay connected and preserve your patience and resilience… this whole thing will not go by quickly, we will need to do this for a while


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