I’ll bee back.

I’ll bee back.

it has been a while since I have posted. The world situation has proven to be a bit of a distraction, work has become a bit more busy and I also had another interesting temporary gig that needed attention.

But I have not forgotten my website and my interest in providing people with information and resources to make better choices for the environment. I heard on the news that there was an article in the NYT where the scientist said: “The good news is, we are not dead yet”…. So I suppose we better get going.

For that matter, I will start with posting some positive news ( rather then ” we are not dead yet” and I will continue with the course I was talking about a while ago about how to engage on a personal communal and political level to better the environment.

I still hope that the information will inspire people to make small or bigger changes. I have made many, and most of them (though not all) are permanent.

Please do not give up. There is power in numbers. together we can make a difference. VOTE for the environment, like your life depends on it, because, it does.

ps I have trouble uploading a picture. Next time.

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