Just like in Harry Potter

Just like in Harry Potter


This makes me at the same time incredibly hopeful and incredibly sad.

Last year I attended the Wallenberg lecture here in Ann Arbor where 2 youth movements were honored for their work against gun violence in the USA. (The Parkland survivors/ March for our life movement and B.R.A.V.E movement from Chicago). At one point they were asked: what would you like the adults to do to help you? and one of them answered ” they could bring us some snacks.”

This made it crystal clear to me that these amazing leaders, who had won awards, international fame and mobilized millions of people to march , were in fact still children who, normally, would still be taken care of by adults. Now they were taking care of business where we, as adult have so miserably failed.

Yet of course it is incredibly hopeful and inspiring to see that they can pull off where we have slacked and give hope where we have often lost that. It also shows that there is a LOT of good will and motivation among people. We just need the right leaders to help us along….

And I have said before I cannot help but see the similarity to the Harry Potter saga: There too when adults where in denial and desperately clinging to the status quo that really no longer existed it was the kids who picked up the slacks and formed Dumbledores army….

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