Nothing is ever black and white

Nothing is ever black and white

For a long time I have been hoping to find alternatives for the plastic bags I continue to use. I no longer use the plastic bags in the grocery store, both for fruit and veggies as well as the bigger grocery bags. These were very easy adjustments that did not cost any effort at all. For garbage and doggy poop, I still am using plastic 🙁 Recently I saw true compostable bags from Trader Joe’s which made me very happy. Here is a bit more research about compostable plastic bags. Best to read the article yourself but some of the take aways:

Not everything that says “compostable” is really compostable. Luckily there are set standards so one should check if they are followed.

To be compostable you need light and 50’F temperature. In other words a “compostable” bag in the ocean will not compost and is just as dangerous as a plastic bag. A “compostable bag” in a landfill has no light and will produce methane.


Very interesting is the following article making the distinction between Degradable: all plastic is degradable! Biodegradable: plastic will break down into water, carbon dioxide and compost. Compostable: degradable in a compost site.

Just as the title says, nothing is ever black and white, so for more details , read the article.

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