Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Yesterday I went to a meeting about “sustainability in Ann Arbor” A bit out of my comfort zone, I ended up at a Nature Conservancy presentation, surrounded by healthy looking, gray haired, probably some formerly hippy associated people, listening to a talk based on a scholarly paper that shows that with a few not too drastic changes in our behavior we actually still can save this planet and live her peacefully ( all 9 billion of us) come 2050.


What strikes me most that now that I am submersing myself a bit in this matter, I find so many people and companies with the same mind set; very worried, but ultimately optimistic about the growing awareness, concern and willingness to do something about it. It is a long road, but it is possible and MANY people are starting to walk the walk so it is surely not wise to give up now. I also keep reminding myself of one of my grandmothers who was interviewed about WW2 and ask what adice she would give to the younger generation and her answer was ” As long as there is life there is hope”

I also purchased a few of the reusable Q tips and will let you know how they are when they arrive.

Finally, I have been looking at some of the apps. I just unsubcribed myself of a big lot of junk mail, or so I hope. I will keep you posted. After 4 or so items I had to choose a payment plan: I chose the 6 months one ( $10.99, not a bad investment in getting rids of LOTS of paper) . Maybe after 6 month the service is no longer needed. Imagine not getting all that junk mail again….. They say one uses 8 months of a lifetime on unwanted mail.

I use the search engine too, (ecosia) it is a bit hard to remember not to go to google, but I will keep trying, planting trees is one of our best tools to fight climate change and what is easier then using a search engine to achieve that ( My first search was to see if they were legit and they seem to be)

Recycle nation gives lots of good information. Offcents seems a bit complicated to me, but if you fill it out you will get a detailed idea of your footprint. Same with LiveGreen.

I will continue to find information and post about it. I am determined to walk the walk.

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