There are so many other choices out there these days to replace plastic

There are so many other choices out there these days to replace plastic

These changes are really not hard to make.

Over the last months I have gotten reusable bags for fruit and veggies in the supermarket, bee wax wraps to cover bowls and the likes ( instead of plastic or aluminum foil)  toothbrushes made from bamboo, gone back to old fashion soaps instead of liquid body wash in bottles and started to use shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles as well. Not everything I tried worked: the first toothpaste tablets I used did not feel good for my sensitive teeth and I am not too enthusiastic about the conditioner yet, (I am about the shampoo bar!,) but I will keep looking. These products are  all made of natural ingredients and have amazing smells, which I love. The bathroom looks emptier too (fewer plastic bottles). I honestly only feel regret I did not try these things sooner. I did not feel the urge before…… 

Here are a few companies that sell alternatives to Plastic, but the options are becoming more and more widely available. You can get reusable mash bags for produce in Whole Foods now!!

One of the reasons I started this website is that I noticed these sites popping up on ads and FB (I know, but that is another discussion. 🙂 ) which made me think I could share them with others. 

Here is another one that just popped up, it looks so in line with what I am trying to achieve. I love these small companies that try to solve this big problem.

The next one I have not personally used (yet) but I am struck by how the website tries to convey the same message as mine, that together we can make a difference, and I like how they took specific products and solved the  problem of plastic waste.

ok, one more, they now seem to pop like wild fire in California . It is good to know that there are so many! This one seems to market itself a bit more edgy They have been mentioned by Martha Stewart and GOOP.

this is a very interesting little video, I think most of you will recognize the pictures that is discussed. 🙂

Speaking of this, look at this little company!

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