As I promised,

As I promised,

I am going to repeat a few things from now on, we all have SO MUCH on our mind right now but I do not want this site to disappear because of that.

I would like to share some of the changes I have made.

I just bought some toothpaste tablets, and shampoo bars. I also started to use laundry sheets in stead of liquid detergent. My tooth brushes are bamboo (and my dentist’ report card is very good). I have reusable bags for fresh produce. (Full disclosure, I have been using home service these days and in the stores we are not allowed to use them right now 🙁 .) I have plastic garbage bags, made of recycled plastic, and still looking for compostable garbage bags. I bought de-ice-fluid that was not toxic. (I have not used it yet, winter was almost over when I found these) I bought reusable Q tips, but for me they did not work very well. (I have paper ones now, not plastic.) We have metal straws and use glass containers and silicone bags to replace plastic bags to store food) I use the ECOSIA app sometimes to search the net, it is not as good as google, but every time you do use it you help planting trees :-). We also became a member of an organization that plants 10 trees every month in many different areas around the world. I have bought many items on market place when I redid some of the rooms in my house (not 100%, but a substantial part) and I also sold some items which made both me as well as the recipient happy. I have made a cleaning product from vinegar and orange peels and I have used orange peels as sponges, which I actually really like, grape fruit too 🙂 I have hung bananas in the trees for the butterflies. (No luck yet, they just get very black and kind of nasty) I also put a half orange peel filled with baking soda in the fridge which worked remarkable well to decrease odor. Baking soda and vinegar have replaced chlorine when cleaning out the garbage can and taking out the odor, but I do still use a bit of chlorine with laundry, when I really want to disinfect something. I have put egg shells in the magi-mix (after I boiled and dried them again to disinfect) and used the course shards to clean/ scrub my sinks (in stead of something more corrosive)

I just want to say none of this was a great sacrifice, all of it was fun to try and most of it works very well. Clearly I am not “perfect” in any way or form, for the planet, but I am trying to be better every day. Everything that is mentioned here is on the website. I really enjoy exploring all these other options. There is SOOOOO MUCH OUT THERE. I hope I can inspire a few of you to do the same. and together…….. we CAN make a difference.

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