I just signed up for this

I just signed up for this

I have actually mentioned this resource before. They would have been the key note speakers at the Natural product convention in LA in the beginning of March we were slated to go to, and we decided literally 15 minutes before we would leave for the airport to cancel our trip……. only to find out that the next day the entire convention with 10.000 + vendors was cancelled. And that was the beginning of the pandemic era for us.


Because most of us have other things on our mind, and traffic on this site is way down compared to “before” ( when everything was “normal”) I decided maybe it is a good idea to repost some of the resources I have posted before and say a little bit about what I took aways from it. I have certainly taken on some of the advice that is given in those resources. (Yes , I have used orange peels as sponges, grapefruit too, and I like it a lot 🙂 ). Not all, but some. Maybe we can start some kind of discussion… what have you done or not done, and why?

We are all in this together, this is true about the pandemic but also about the environment. There is power in numbers. Together we can make a difference. (Not sure anymore if I am talking masks or environment, probably both 🙂 )

I actually took this vase from a garbage can in a nursing home I worked, someone had thrown it away. It is gorgeous and I have happily used it ever since.

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