Do you know there is an entire mall in Sweden that sells secondhand merchandise?

Do you know there is an entire mall in Sweden that sells secondhand merchandise?

Buying second hand is an excellent way to reduce reuse and recycle. Someones trash is someone else’s treasure. Last year I discovered Market Place on FB and I have made some fabulous purchases and upgraded my home with great joy and not too much money. I took extra pleasure in knowing that I did not buy new items. Social Media also has made it easier then ever to sell and find second hand items.

Photo: DirkvdM via Wikimedia Commons
This is a picture of the Netherlands on the birthday of our king, known as Kings day. Garage sales like in the US, are not allowed but on this day, EVERYONE  sells their stuff. A nationwide, one day garage sale. Kings day (in my time Queens day) is one of my favorite memories of the Netherlands.

It is important to mention clothing and fashion in this regard as well.

When I read about this, I was quite shocked: Our fashion industry is a heavy contributor to climate change due to its very high carbon footprint.

This is a tough one though, as the prices are low, and we need to pay our bills and second hand clothing does not always look up to par

What do you think we can do about this? 

This article is very informative and argues that reducing rather than reusing might be more effective ( despite the title)

Luckily there is growing awareness about this as well

This is just for fun, I think for most of us this is a bit out of our league, but still: it shows that there is an interest, a market , a shift in thinking and priorities going on.

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