of Bees and Butterflies

of Bees and Butterflies

One of my favorite presents to give to kids (and adults actually) is a butterfly seed kit, and I have done that in the past on several occasions.

now that the weather is getting better, maybe we can start thinking about our garden and start planning a butterfly and or bee garden to help nature along a bit.


for those who really do not like mowing int he first place, would this not be fantastic? I might actually try this on part of my lawn to see what happens!


This information is a bit more geared toward Europe but a lot of the plants are the same.


and some ideas to help our friends the bees…. ( I used a picture of bees for the front page of this website, they work together and they work hard, they are seen on “forgetmenots’…. I actually put some thought into that 🙂


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