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Lately there has been a lot of attention to the potential of planting trees to fight climate change. Here are a few things we can do or support to make that happen. But first a piece of information

you can also actually volunteer to plant trees!

Then there is the Ecosia app that uses their profit they make from advertising to plant trees. I have been using it, it is not as good as Google, so I don’t use it all the time but it takes very little effort and if it helps planting trees, why not. When researching it it seemed to be legit.

finally, while researching this I came across this paper that warns for “plant a tree” scams. I think the ones I mention here are trust worthy but please do your own research before deciding. I am not endorsing any of these, my intent is to provide resources for people to make better choices. It is a good read as it shows how planting trees is marketed by giving vague and incomplete information….. The truth is never black and white, or green, or easy

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