Trees trees everywhere!

Trees trees everywhere!

I was pondering what to post today…. and I am now a regular user of Ecosia, the search engine that uses its profits to plant trees. I am still unable to make it my home page (don’t ask, I do everything they tell me to do) but I remember now to type it in first and then use it. (full disclosure, it did not find my website, but it has so far found everything else..) I stumbled upon their history as they are now 10 years old, and I thought that is the perfect subject for today. They embody everything I believe this website stands for: that there is power in numbers and that together we can make a meaningful impact. They started with a vision and a very small company and now they are planting trees by the millions.

Before long I will have my first tree planted through them too, it takes 45 searches I believe.

( Click on the “ecosia is 10 years” icon to read the history)

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