update 02 change is hard and hope is sometimes hard too

update 02 change is hard and hope is sometimes hard too

I am still getting junk mail, despite the paper karma app…. They did say it would take a couple of weeks so if I see a decline I will report it. I have used a few cotton q-tips still but I have used the other ones too. I have tried to make Ecosia my default search engine, (every search helps to plant trees) but the instructions did not result in a different default page. So I type it in, when I remember…….

So yes, change is hard. But that does not mean impossible.

And hope and optimism…… sometimes it runs a bit low when I am throwing away plastic after plastic, or read about how many animals are on the brink of extinction, or how the sea is warming faster and the ice is melting faster than expected…. We are up against a complicated giant for sure!

but one of the great things I noticed when I started this website is that there truly is a whole community or movement out there to change our products, our consumer behavior, our knowledge. We are not alone in our desire to rescue the only home we have and all share. And there is power in numbers, anything I can do we can do better.

So I pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again!

Here is an article about how whales (and other large animals) help fight climate change and a website I found from a woman who is going plastic free.


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