Update 01

Update 01

So I bought the products to start making my own cleaning products…. I am especially interested in the window cleaner ( with corn starch?) I am quite happy with the natural products I buy so this is a bit of a leap for me, but if they work it will really make a difference in the amount of waste plastic I will produce so it is worth the try. I like the idea of using “grand ma” period products and I LOVE essential oils.

I have used the paperkarma app and it says that a lot of the un-subscriptions were successful, but it will take a few weeks before I will notice. It is VERY easy to use and I am quite exited, IF it will work, to see the amount of paper in my mailbox reduced significantly.

I received the reusable Q-tips, I had a bit of trouble opening the box, but I got it in the end. They are quite and small and have pretty colors. they are a bit harder than the cotton ones but worked just fine. I have since learned that there are many brands on the market actually but that these are the “real one”. Frankly I presume they are all ok, and I am not going to do a product analyse here.

I have had many positive responses to the website and a slow but steady traffic trend, for which I am very grateful. I hope that in the future more people are willing to share the site as, really, anything I can do we can do better.

Finally, I just saw this in CNN, and I am happy to say that I am already using 5 out of the 10 products happily without any sacrifice in terms of quality or expenses ( except the toilet paper is bit more expensive but it also does a lot of amazing work in the world of toilets :-).


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